Tropical Agrobiodiversity (TRAB) focus on three mains areas;

  • Sustainable production of food and other agricultural products
  • Biological support to production, via, for example, soil biota, pollinators, and predators;
  • Ecological services provided by agro-ecosystems, such as landscape protection, soil protection and health, water cycle and quality, air quality.

Tropical Agricultural biodiversity (TRAB) is highly dynamic journal, also determined by a matrix of ‘human’ factors and feedbacks, in addition to underlying natural conditions. There is increasing realization of the importance of tropical agricultural biodiversity at the ecosystems level, as well as at the species and genetic level, and the agro-ecosystems approach to tropical agricultural biodiversity conservation is widely promoted.

Tropical Agrobiodiversity (TRAB) intends to cover the state-of-the-art, recent progress and perspectives in different aspects related to the tropical biodiversity of ecosystems. All types of manuscripts (original research, reviews, short communications, letter to editor and discussion) are welcome.